Friday 20 December 2013



So, to keep y'all updated, I'll still be doing this every second day, I've just been having a problem deciding what I want to write next as it is most definitely a wide, and colourful field of painting and mirrors, overshadowing possible situations as I dive into the waterfall I wish. For me, I must choose the right one. So... Yea... I'm doin' my best and should be able to do this faster as tomorrow is the start of winter break at school! (Finally)


Tuesday 17 December 2013


I was gonna do this tomorrow, but I'm bored and can’t sleep so hear I go. Time to start this story, shall we?

Time went by so very slowly for me. Sitting up in my bed, I gather my covers around my body, shivers running through me as the chill tried to creep in like a creepy crawler. The figure-of-speech itself sent shivers through my spine as I tossed my blanket over my shoulders, like I was throwing up some defensive shield to defend against trolls from the fantasy books I often read.
Speaking of books, I peeked out of my own personal blanket armour to spot my current read on an oak table beside my bed. I weighed the options; risk the cold to grab it quickly? I didn't think it would be that easy as I also forgot to register in the fact that on top of my favourite book, sat a very uneducational digital clock. I felt the sinister air from that clock as it mocked me. Wrestling the warm and cozy fabric that was my life line, I tried to pull my arm free of it.

Wobbling, I felt the ground beneath me turn as I braced for the… hard….ness… that was my hard wood floor. I hit the ground with a thud that took my breath away so fast, I swear my ears were ringing like a bomb had just exploded nearbye. It may as well have for all I was concerned. I only vaguely heard a thump at my door. Wriggling away slowly, still winded, I tried to escape under my bed, before the obtrusive being crashed through my door like always, but to no avail as the door slammed open and a click followed. I knew what was coming, but I couldn't shy away fast enough as the light seared through my eyes and into my very own soul. I hissed and flinched dramatically as I tried to resist the lure of the light. The powerful light. Stinging light. Tormenting light. Not-so-bad light. Actually-kinda-nice light.
No! Don’t go into the light!

A figure stood before me then and I squinted up at the gigantic figure, refusing to let my eyes adjust to this perilous light. I vaguely thought of the trolls from my book and I shrunk away drastically as I imagined this towering being leaning down and making a short meal of me.
“Please don’t eat me good foul beast! For I taste stringy and of cat litter and- and-” I fought for other words, realizing a troll probably wouldn't know or even care for the litter in which a mini tigress made her dirt more then a few thousand times a day.
The beast leaned down with more grace than a troll should have, and I froze at the possibilities of these new races that had opened up before my eyes. Maybe I should let my eyes adjust after all…..
No! You must never give in! This is what they want!

I narrowed my eyes at the thought, only to suddenly feel myself spin against the floor as the beast tugged the end of the robes of protection. I counter attacked quickly, shouting out a perfect spell as I struggled to keep my robe. That’s when I realized that I wasn't a spell caster and probably just confused the thing, whatever it was.
I heard a very familiar sigh as the rest was yanked out from under me. In my ears, I heard the beast roar as I cowered on the floor, my eyes to the light as I shivered in my thin clothing.
That was when, my eyes adjusted, finally, to the light. I felt defeat deep in my throat, tainting my very breaths as I prepared my own funeral mentally. Eyes wide, I didn't blink as I faced the artificial monstrosity that was a modern day light bulb, efficiently shattering my own fantasy world in one fell swoop. I felt burned by this accursed light, and this time, I let myself bake in it. At least until a shadow fell upon me.
I heard every word this time as I looked into eyes that could kill right at that moment.
“You’re kidding right?” The words spoke of a rhetorical point but I opened my mouth to answer anyway.
My answer was silenced with a swift move of her fingers.

“Why does this happen every morning? I tell you to wake up, and we have to act like it’s a freaking war zone? When will you grow up, Naomi?” Another rhetorical point. Wow, she was on a role this morning.
I sat up very suddenly and she backed away slightly, I took pleasure in this, think maybe i’d startled her.
That’s right dear sister. Even I can be unpredictable.
Seeing my smug look, the look from my sisters face made me blush. Sometimes I swore she was a prophet reborn.

Getting my thoughts back on track, I looked her square in her golden amber eyes, drama seeping from my gestures as I felt a classic intense-stare-down-movie-moment. I felt passionate about it right then as I slowly stood, my fingers leaving the ground behind as I stood to eye level of my sister. I narrowed my eyes and paused for the effect, trying to not argue with myself for thinking the cues might ruin the moment for me. I moved my eyes, to look at her eyebrows, in thought, making it seem like I was actually considering my words carefully before I lit the light bulb in my eyes, theoretically of course.
“I'm sorry dear sister, I never hear you speak when you say you do. Maybe you should try another language. That way our interactions may be worth something.” I stated in a rising voice of almost agitation, but not quite, to raise the drama higher than it had been in the previous mornings.
I almost had a fangirl moment about this, (which can only be described as falling to the ground and squealing, rolling around for god-knows-how-long, with this face: >w< and chanting the word drama over and over), As I imagined this, I felt a shiver rush through me as I realized how creepy it looked to normal people. I mentally shrugged just as I noticed my sister trembling, her face as stark red as the fire in her eyes.
“God! You are so weird! Why did I have to get such a weird sister!” She yelled in what I would describe as frustration, before storming out and slamming my door behind her.

I smirked in triumph, another foe defeated that morning. As a reward, I walked toward my beside table and snuck my book out from under my clock without waking the merciless thing up, a difficult task that needed to be done no less than the others. Sitting down upon my beds surface, I opened to the place of the elvish bookmark I had in place to watch over and protect my main character from the trolls while I slept.
As I launched into the world of Faerun, I wondered what kind of action I had missed due to the annoying basic necessities of lowly humans.


What’s up, y’all?

So this is the first official post of my first blog on this site and my second writing blog that I’ve actually taken interest in. My next post tomorrow, will be a writing piece. 

Look forward to it!